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Your page is easy to create (no technical experience necessary), and thanks to our technology, your page will rank among the top search results of your name within a few months on search engines like Google.

I DID IT – Dubbing: The Dubbing Database

I DID IT – Dubbing is the most intelligent dubbing database there is. Available with all subscription plans, list all the actors, roles and films you've dubbed! It even gives you a heads up when actors you've previously dubbed have new projects.

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Subscription plans boost your visibility

Forte and Fortissimo offers get 10x more listens of voice samples by Producers and Voice Directors than the Free offer

I DID IT – Dubbing

A list of all the actors you've dubbed, categorised by movie or role name. Elegant and always up-to-date

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Anyone can contact you, but only Producers and Voice Directors validated by our team can access your phone number.

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