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Your comprehensive website connects to the casting tools of producers and ADs

A one-stop shop for your talent to come alive: your voice clips, photos, videos, dubbing references, commercials, movies, documentaries or animated excerpts, full CV – all on one public page making it easier than ever to contact you!
Your work is visible to all, but your personal information can only be accessed by producers and ADs that are registered and have been validated by our team. This information consist of your mobile phone number, your periods of availability, and your experience by type of work.
Your page is easy to build, and thanks to our page optimization, your voxer page will rank among the top search results of your name within a few months.

I DID IT – Dubbing: The Dubbing Database

I DID IT – Dubbing is the most intelligent dubbing base there is. Free for everyone, it allows you to reference all your dubbing, films, voices, and roles. It can even alert you to new work by an actor you have previously dubbed.

Our support team is available every day, and will help you choose from 5 different offers to meet your specific needs.

Whether you just want to be referenced, or you want us to prepare your page and/or promote you, our team is available every day to help and advise you by phone, chat, email or on our premises.
Categorize your audio samples, or let us do it all, and Artistic Producers and Directors will be able to find you from your samples when they’re looking for the perfect actor for their project.
It’s up to you to choose the subscription that best fits your professional project.

And if you want a boost, then choose to have your page featured on producers and ADs’ dashboards, on our home page, or in a regular newsletter, and you will multiply your chances to be heard or discovered by a factor of 10.

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In short

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The only platform offering a complete and up-to-date professional website, fully connected to the casting tools of producers and ADs.

For producers and Artistic Directors

We work hard every day to bring yourself and us closer to producers and Artistic Directors.

You are available while others are on vacation?

Fill out your holiday dates and your profile will be highlighted at the right time in the producer’s casting tool!


Add as many audio samples, videos, and photos as you want. One of them might be the perfect one to land you a job!

Effortless promotion

Your page is seen by producers and ADs on their interface without harassing them

Subscriptions to boost your visibility

The Forte and Fortissimo offers give you 10x more plays than the free offer, allowing you to reach producers and ADs more efficiently.

I DID IT – Dubbing

A list of all the actors you dubbed, categorized by movie or role name. Elegant and always up-to-date

Ready for social networks

Share your page in just one click on all social networks.

The best business card you could have

Easily share a short link to your page by email or text message. Your page is also optimized for mobile devices.

Statistics to improve your visibility

How many visitors your page gets, whether it’s viewed by producers or ADs, how many plays your samples garner, what type of voices producers and ADs are looking for right now, how many downloads your page generates, and more.


You can be contacted by anybody, but only producers and ADs certified by our team can see your phone number.

Online and personalized help

You’re confused? Or slightly panicked? We can help you in any circumstances.