Join the most powerful and intelligent platform exclusive to professionals who work with actors in the audiovisual industry.

Find the best voice talents!

More than 700 professional actors experienced in voiceover, dubbing, accustomed studios or stages and certified by our teams.

A complete casting tool on more than 20 voice's criterias, the experience of the actor, the languages ​​and the accents spoken, the audio samples and videos etc ...

Only Actors are available in your castings by dates.

A database always up to date, managed by the actors themselves.

Work with your usual actors or discover new ones.

Be amazed by their talent, and release many hours usually spoiled to sort or search audio voices.

Interact with your actors by text message from your computer

You can summon 10, 30 or all your actors at once.
- Whether they are registered on Voxing Pro or not, send them a personalized message based on their first name, name and the project. Not all of your actors are on Voxing Pro?
No problem, they can answer you whether they are registered or not.

You’d prefer to call them?
All their details are accessible in just one place. Whether it’s references, experience, or their mobile phone number, you can easily obtain this information directly from your interface to contact them at your convenience.

This saves you potential hours of work every time.

I DID IT – Dubbing

Find out who dubs whom, search by movie, by character name, by original actor or voice actor.

All the information for your actors and your voices are in the same place.

Producer fees and registration methods

All the tools are free for producers and ADs
If you want to use the tool to book actors via text message, you will be able to buy Text Packs at a rate of 6c/text message.

The platform is for industry professionals only, so your profile will be verified before giving you access to Voxing Pro.
We apply the same vigilance with the actors to make sure that they meet your professional expectations.

Voxing Pro in Brief


Save hundreds of hours of work in one piece with our unique tools.

Exceptional casting

Use the best and most comprehensive casting tool there is.


View a list actors available on the day of your choice.

I DID IT – Dubbing!

The intelligent database to find the roles, references, and movies actors have worked on.

Free for producers and ADs

With the exception of sending text messages, which is not mandatory, everything is free for producers and ADs.

Your actors

Work with them freely even if they are not on the platform.

Discover hundreds of professionals

Highly experienced in the studio and various fields of voice work, all of these actors are readily found on the platform.

Security and confidentiality of your data

All your information is protected. Only you have access to it.

Easy to use

A simple and pleasant interface with a super quick start – no computer knowledge required.

An adapting tool

Voxing Pro grows and changes every day. We value your feedback and are happy to develop to match your particular requests

Online and personalized help

We are online during office hours to help you in any circumstance