Voxing Pro connects you with industry leading voice talents and cutting edge voice search, casting and booking tools. Our ever-evolving platform is available exclusively to audiovisual professionals.

Find leading voice talents!

Free and direct access to a curated selection of 1,500 professional and studio-experienced voiceover and dubbing actors. No fees, commissions, or hidden charges.

Our casting engine provides precision-results that save you hours of work. Search by:
Voice characteristics, sex, language, accent, sector experience, dubbing references, work zones, availabilities, home studio equipped...and much more
Keywords: original actors, characters dubbed, films, TV series, brands, ads, etc.
Audio and video samples tagged by category, age, language, accent, voice characteristics, emotion…

Real time actor availabilities

Work with your "regular" actors directly from our platform and discover new ones!

Communicate with your actors by text message from your computer or mobile app

o Organise castings with our Booking SMS tool: Send messages to 10, 50 or 100 actors all at once. Personalise with first or last names.
For example, "Hello [first name], Are you available for a studio session next week? "
Follow conversations organised by actor + project

O You prefer calling?
Actor phone numbers are always updated.

O You prefer communicating with their agents?
Agents phone numbers are published on actor profile pages and the contact form sends your message directly to their agent.

The cherry on the cake… Our SMS system generates a unique number for each booking. Your personal number remains private.

This tool saves dozens of hours every time you need to contact actors.

I DID IT – Dubbing

o Find out which foreign voice talents are dubbing your actors. Search by original actor, film, series, character name and more!

o Discover which actors are dubbing your favorite

Information about your own voice talents – all of your voices in one database.

Producer fees and registration methods

All pro tools are free for producers, voice directors and agents.
If you want to use the tool to book actors via text messaging, you can buy Text Packs for 7c/text message (our cost).

The platform is reserved for industry professionals only, so your profile will be verified before giving you access to Voxing Pro.
We apply the same vigilance with voice actors to ensure they meet your professional expectations.

Voxing Pro Overview


Save hundreds of hours of work with our unique and efficient casting and booking tools

Exceptional casting

Access the most powerful and comprehensive voice casting tool in the industry


Access real-time actor availabilities

I DID IT – Dubbing!

Intelligent database for finding the roles, original actor references, and movies dubbed by voice actors.

100% Free for Producers and Voice Directors

100% Free for producers and voice directors. Optional purchase of additional SMS credits at cost (7cents/SMS).

Your Actors

Work with them even if they aren't registered on the platform

Discover hundreds of professionals

Highly experienced in the studio and various fields of voice work, they're already on the platform!

Security and confidentiality of your data

All your information is protected. Only you have access to it.

Easy to use

Efficient and simple interface – no computer knowledge required

Dynamic work tools

Voxing Pro is constantly evolving. We value and count on your feedback to optimise and adapt our tools to your needs.

Online and personalised help

Online during office hours to help you with anything!